Portfolio Prep

I have spent the last week tidying up my portfolio, I've went from 10 jam packed A1 cases to neatly organised 8 portfolios. So I thought I would share my tips and tricks as I went along.

Firsty keep your portfolio CLEAR, CONCISE and CREATIVE. Future employers want to see your best work, your work that stands out and leaves a great first impression. So be prepared to let some of your work go....

Do's and Don't's for your portfolio! 



Find your strong pieces of work, show a variation of what you can do, and showcase your skills and talent through your design.  

Make a small professional book displaying what your style is. Keep it simple, employers will be able to see what your all about in a 10 page book. 

Keep one A1 portfolio labeled Interview and use this folder to show your best work, use additional portfolios to store the rest.

Use professional headers for fabric samples, try keep your samples to one size. I purchased my headers from Ideal Sampling and they were great! Bespoke made, reasonably priced and great quality.

Use small bulldog clips to hold your papers, fabrics and sketchbook work. 

Have images that connect and relate for each mini project you display. Keep work to one size it looks a lot neater that way. 

Roll wallpapers into a poster tube, easier storage space and doesn't destroy your work.

Clearly label the outside of each portfolio so that when you look for work its easier to find. Key reminder store your portfolio and poster tube flat so no work is damaged.



Label every single book, or sample, or paper, let your work do the talking. 

Use big school folders and ring binders, make it into a book instead or keep it as loose sheets. 

Make front covers for every project, have your best design on display, trim all images to one size, bulldog clip in corner and move on to the next...


If you have OCD like me it will take you while...

Be prepared to find loose artwork that you wouldn't want to use as your portfolio. Bin the worst and keep some stuff you could use in the future.

I plan on making stuff from my loose work and selling it some day. Fabrics can be made into bags, pencil cases etc and paintings can be framed and sold. Also sell your folders and display books to make some extra cash or give it to charity. 

Keep all your weekly diaries, sketchbooks, loose fabrics and moodboards it's great to look back on one day, keep the special stuff not all the stuff! 

And remember to recycle your papers after!