Inspiration is all around us

Over a year ago I was gifted Kate Neckel's illustrative book START NOW! I want to show the progress I have made and how it has helped me grow creatively. 

What I love about this book is it is a great way to put your ideas down quickly and have a piece of artwork each time. I have used it to scribble down ideas using pictures rather than words, make personalised prints for family and friends, use it as a travel book and so much more.

A lot of my friends say they are not artists and don't know where to start.. You don't have to be an artist to buy this book, it is great for a hobby or use it as a stress relieve in a similar way to the popular colouring books that are buzzing around.

Inspiration is all around us, draw objects in the house, a holiday trip, make scribble patterns, draw things you love or have an interest in and you will be surprised what you will come up with. Like the book says START NOW! 

Use it to write daily positive quotes, whether it's reminders to yourself or someone else - there is already motivational text in there from Kate to keep you going so you wont be able to quit - win win.

Check out some of the Illustrations I have made so far. 

Coming soon: Illustrated Wallpaper murals, make sure to check the blog!